Les Mûris

The Art of Self-Growth

A practical educational spirituality to enlighten your path.

Learning to Learn from Life

Qualified teacher since 2018, my mission is conveying educational content thanks to popularizing, summarizing and oratory skills. By combining on the one hand pedagogy and discernment, on the other hand mediumship and claircognition, I will support you in your search for truth in the monumental school that is Life. You'd like to learn at your own pace and in all self-reliance ? You've come to the right place!


No monthly memberships here ! Our aim is for every one to get fully involved in the learning process. Motivation and attentiveness are key in all knowledge learning process. As a teacher, I will guide you while respecting your evolutionary skills. Thus, your ability to take charge is your main resource.


How to put spiritual principles into practice in daily life ? Les Mûris offers you an educational and fun space which grounds you to the Earth and opens your mind to the magic of the Skies. Being spiritual or rational? Why choose ? A practical spirituality helps you find your rightful place through balance between Sky and Earth.


Combining Love and Structure is not an easy task. Together, we will focus your passion and motivation towards serving your evolution through learning and practice. No need for tedious repetition of practices ! We merely make sure that you learn to include the knowledge acquired in your daily life thanks to explicit guidelines and educational tools.

Main services


Individual Support

  • The Rare Gem
  • The Rising Spiral : A Path to the Self
  • Channeling / Psychic Reading
  • My Timely Lesson
  • "Embodying my inner crystal" care

Courses and Conferences

  • Plongée dans nos abysses
  • Le Scribe du Divin
  • Comment appréhender la mort autrement?
  • Reprendre sa juste place au quotidien
  • and others to come...

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Podcast "La Voix/e du Sage"


The podcast dedicated to intuitive discernment.

Welcome to the listeners to the Voice of the Wise. It is an experience that will make you reconnect to your inner wise and guide you towards your intuitive discernment. It is an invitation to chill and self-reflect in order to listen and talk to the Universal Wisdom, while discovering the Wise in you.

When the Voice of a Mermaid meets the Magic of the Bardic Story-teller...

Discover the co-creation associating Les Mûris and Christian Duval !

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