Who am I ?


Je m’appelle Dania. J’aime allier pédagogie, développement personnel et science initiatique pour vous proposer du contenu educatif et inspirant.

I am:

  • a "brainiac" or eternal learner
  • a Teacher by calling
  • une passionnée de Science Initiatique 

How does it work ?

I subscribe

By subscribing to a course or conference, I gain access to a member account where I will find all of my content. Each course has its price and once the subscription is finalized, I can access the content for life.

I study

Each lesson has its toolbox to help me practice the teachings in every day life. Therefore, I commit to participate actively in the learning process and I can ask for help whenever I feel I need to be guided.

I live

The ultimate goal of the courses is to help me live more consciously while respecting my inner cycles. It is up to me to apply what I have learned in my daily life. After all, Life is experience and movement.

Pedagogy at the Center of a Practical Spirituality

I have been publicly involved in the spiritualist milieu for over 2 years now, and thanks to my experience as a teniored teacher, I've noticed a consequential lack of pedagogy in the coveyance of the Initiatory Sciences.

We live in an era of technological development which conditions our brains, through its recurring overexposition to screens, to associate the video format to a moment of enterntainment. This implies that watching videos, no matter how educational or informative they may be, happens automatically in a passive pattern of listening.

It is up to us to find strategies to take on an active attentiveness if we wish to fully absorb the knowledge shared in a video.

My Member Account


Each course is based on an outline which gives me an indicator as to where I am in the learning process. I respect my own rythm and follow the steps which give structure to my evolution.


If needed, I can ask Dania (the founder of Les Mûris) for help, whether be it for explanations or rephrasing concepts.


My comments are precious to the evolution of Les Mûris. They help Dania adapt the content which she creates to take into account the diversity of types of learners.

Learning in self-reliance at your own pace


  • Universal Laws
  • Initiatory Science
  • The Mastery of one's Thoughts and Emotions
  • Multidimensionality
  • The Great Work
  • Vibratory Discernment
  • Channeled learnings


  • Contextualized content around every day life
  • Popularizationon 
  • Recap charts
  • Rephrasing and pedagogy
  • Audio-visual tools
  • Emotional and book-based knowledgeCerebral discernment
  • Adapting to one's learner's profile

Why Les Mûris ?

Evolving is an infinite cycle of possibilities and abundance. Therefore, even when we believe we have reached the end of a learning cycle, and that we can see the deep changes within ourselves, it is important to keep in mind that the end of a learning cycle brings about the beginning of a new one.

And so instead of seeing ourselves as "ripe" (mûrs) and subsequently having reached the end our evolution, why not put the emphasis on the evolutionary process itself? Thus, when we are on the move, and we can see the results, why not say that we are "ripening" ("mûris") instead of claiming the end of the process uttering the words "I'm ripe". When we focus an idea, why not say "I am letting it grow, ripen"?

This is why Les Mûris: not unlike the Moon, at each cycle we embody transformations through learnings and transmutations, and every cycle is followed by an other. Not unlike the Sun, we learn to maintain the uprightness of our essence no matter what we are going through. This is why our slogan "The Art of Self-Growth".