As a Lighthouse, Les Mûris guides you...

Thanks to 4 Individual Support formats and 1 Rite of Passage

Each form of support is detailed in an article. To learn more, click on the button at the end of each succinct description hereunder.

Individual Support

They take place via Zoom or by phone. Calendly (at the bottom of the page) allows you to choose the format that you prefer. Once the paiement is confirmed, you will receive an email with the zoom link if that was your choice. If not, I will call you at the time and date that you've selected. N.B: If you wish to benefit from your "Timely Lesson", please contact at the following email adress:

Channeling / Psychic Reading


Being a medium is an ability that we all have in our potential. My role consists in clarifying the messages conveyed by your guides, loved ones, and your Higher Self, through a just conveyance.You already hold the answers.

Every person has intuition, discernment and abilities. A psychic reading expands one's self-reliance. Therefore, I am only a momentary guide who accompanies you briefly on your way to take flight.


If you are interested in a couple's reading, I encourage you to be both present. I choose to respect the Universal Laws. Thus, no information will be conveyed unless I have the explicit consent of the person it concerns.

How to make an appointment ?

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The Rare Gem


"Finding the rare gem" is a quest usually projected in an outer locus of the Self. However, don't you think that The Rare Gem is found deep within your soul ? What if you learnt to see it, accept it, and love it ? Better yet, what if you learnt to share it with the entire world ?


To do so, we will explore:

  • your abyss: wounds, past memories, shadow work...
  • your connection to your polarities Yin and Yang for a peaceful inner marriage
  • your metamorphoses past and current

My Timely Lesson


Our Higher Self sends us wisdom and teachings daily. Are you able to listen attentively to its messages ? Do you feel lonely when faced with a lesson that seems too cryptic ? Do you need help to apply the teachings offered by your Higher Self ?


Dania proposes to channel the lesson that your Higher Self is coveying in the present by connecting to it and to your guides. You will have access to both a pdf and audio version of the channeling. Dania will also create a toolbox to help you fully understand and apply the lesson.

"Embodying my Inner Crystal" Care


This care consists in a re-activation of the inner crystal which links us to our wisdom, our sovereignty, our light and our divine nature. Since all is a question of balance in the universe, this re-activation is coupled with a process of acceptance of one's current incarnation and more generally of life on Earth.


The care is conducted in 5 key steps:

  • Reconnecting to one's I AM
  • Purifying one's unloving and resentment
  • Acceptance of one's incarnation
  • Yin-Yang Balance
  • Coming back to oneself.

Le Parcours Initiatique (à venir)

The Rising Spiral : A Path to the Self (coming soon)


When a pattern presents itself over and over, we easily feel disheartened, thinking that we are stuck. What if what we perceive as a vicious cycle were actually a rising spiral ?


Les Mûris proposes a Rite of Passage that you can live both in self-reliance and with interactions. This path includes 3 steps:

  1. Learning to Learn from Life
  2. Learning in Spirals
  3. Learning to Voice your Path



Learning to Learn from Life

The shrimp accompanies you in the awareness of your dreams through the acceptance of the fact that one day, you'll have to let go of your shell and everything that is superfluous in your life.

Thanks to the shrimp, we'll explore the acceptance of:

  • swaying waves and still waters.
  • the unknown.
  • movement.
  • the experience offered by Life on Earth.
  • not understanding the why of it all.

Learning in Spirals

The nautilus will guide you through the involutive and evolutive cycles of your life. It'll help you make the best of the repetitive patterns and ultimately show you the way out.

Thanks to the nautilus, you will understand:

  • the repetitive patterns and the lessons they contain
  • the link between the beholder and the beheld
  • the variety of points of views
  • the alchemical process of the Great Work starting with Sadow Work.
  • the necessity for starkness and confronting one's depths.

Learning to Voice your Path

The whale will show you the path to your own voice, the one that you've silenced for such a long time. It'll remind you the wisdom of Just Speech and the Power of the Word.

Thanks to the whale, you will learn:

  • the principles of Just Speech
  • when to talk and when to keep silent
  • the nature of voice aches and lost ways
  • the role of Mercury in your birth chart.
  • to accept taking your rightful place by freeing your voice.
  • to recognize your own wisdom.