Les Mûris a pour mission de remettre la pédagogie au centre d'une Spiritualité Pragmatique.

To do so, we offer:
  • des E-learning courses, where you can learn autonomously, at your own pace, thanks to toolboxes and numerous educational and inspired videos. The courses include an individual meeting in order to talk about your progress.
  • des Conferences at a small price, live and in replay, to which you can subscribe any time. All the conferences are available at any time. Each conference can be purchased with two additional elements:
    • an individual meeting with me
    • and a customized toolbox according to your profile and needs.
I also co-create with Christian Duval in the context of Au Chaudron Versé (only in French). You will find all of the units on this very page, in la catégorie « Au Chaudron Versé ». Pour en savoir plus sur notre collaboration, rendez-vous sur le site: Bonne exploration !